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IU professor Alfred Kinsey interviews a subject

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天辰娱乐app下载Academic freedom and revolutionary results are hallmarks of world-renowned IU research centers like the , where IU Professor Alfred Kinsey forever changed public understanding of sexual behavior in the 1940s. Today the Kinsey Institute is the premier research center for advancing sexual health and knowledge worldwide.

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Students work outside surrounded by vegetation.

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Our woodland campus is a lab in itself, inspiring students to investigate greener and more sustainable ways of living. Recent student research projects include studies of bat wildlife habitats and the effect of beetles on tree health. Sustainability research internships are available through the IU Office of Sustainability, which hosts our annual campuswide Energy Challenge.

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IU alumnus Jamie Hyneman

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A culture of endless curiosity encourages exploration that doesn’t always fit the traditional research mold. IU alumnus Jamie Hyneman, co-host of the hit TV series , makes a living “having fun,” he says. The inventor, movie special-effects expert, and master of explosions is grateful to IU for nurturing his inner researcher and his taste for adventure.

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